Chico Skeptics

Chico California's Skeptic Community

About Us

Mission Statement


 We believe in a physical universe, operated by natural causes, and understood through science and reason. Our mission is to promote humanistic ethics, secular government, and decisions based on evidence.

Who are the Chico Skeptics?

 We are a group of Chico residents and students who get together periodically to have thought-provoking conversations and enjoy the company of like minded people. 

Think you might be a skeptic? Check our Facebook page for more about our group and its members. Of course we also welcome visitors at any of our events

What is a Skeptic?

A Skeptic is someone who chooses to govern their lives by the principles of reason and science rather than those of faith, pseudoscience, and religiosity. Even more generally, a skeptic is a person who demands evidence and practices 'suspended judgment'.  Suspended judgment is one of the central tenants of scientific thought and is often misunderstood by the wider community (see here for why ).

This is not a new concept, there are many other people and organizations who believe in similar ideals.  Some of the 'founding fathers' of the United States had skeptical leanings, despite common beliefs to the contrary.

For more information on the skeptical movement: